Wild Bearings Outdoors

Animated GIF shows shots of flyfishermen Chris Sloan and Sam Johnson along with their fishing escapades

The Untold Stories of American Watersheds: Part 1 


Welcome to Wild Bearings Outdoors—a 6-episode review of fishing watersheds in the American outback brought to you by flyfishing masters Sam Johnson and Chris Sloan. In partnership with The Country Network (TCN) and Mojo Sportswear Company (MSC), Wild Bearings will showcase streamed videos of their explorations in the new program Wild Bearings Outdoors.

Starting with the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, their first show will highlight their exploration of the Bradley Fork Watershed in Cherokee, North Carolina. This dynamic duo will bring us everything from human geography and historical accounts to local folklore and fishing mastery techniques amidst campfire chats and trail hikes.

The program grew out of their interest to further explore North America’s trophy waters known to both locals and sportfishing masters and to further express their passions of flyfishing and the great outdoors. As Pro-Staff members of Mojo Sportswear Company, Wild Bearings met The Country Network through MSC. At the round table of visionaries there will always be shared insight; thus, the evolution of a new partnership and the new programming of Wild Bearings Outdoors.

Screenshot of Wild Bearings Outdoors on The Country Network website

The Country Network is an American cable and broadcast television network that specializes in broadcasting country music videos and exclusive original music-based content. MSC sought to partner with TCN to take advantage of the growing audience of this OTT (Over the Top) streaming network. We have developed a collection of customized apparel for its staff and patrons now available on the Country Network Store (tcncountryshop.com). This will be TCNs first collaboration with a sportfishing team. Wild Bearings Outdoors is the culmination of these new partnerships and will be well representing both the art of flyfishing and sportfishing, as well the universal language of music and the signature of Mojo Sportswear Company which this year is all about Conquering Life.

Our MSC goal of striving to manufacturer apparel that provides outstanding performance, protection, and perfection of our fabrics is well reflected in this endeavor. It is our hope as we promote Wild Bearings Outdoors that we will assist novices, veterans, and masters near and far and wide gain mastery and overcome outdoor elements and obstacles while fishing. Thanks to Wild Bearings Outdoors, MSC is being challenged to go beyond the world of fishing and overcome boundaries so we can crossover into everything from sportfishing, hiking, biking, golf, camping and beyond. We have created a collection of items customized for both The Country Network and Wild Bearings. Whether you are in the office, by the pool, on the golf course, by the trout stream, on the lake or five miles out reeling in your next trophy fish—MSC is at work keeping you clothed in apparel so you can conquer the heat and other elements–extreme or not–outdoors or not. Now is the time to Get Your Mojo and let us help you Conquer Life! With the Performance, Protection, and Perfection of MSC apparel.

Again, programming for Wild Bearings Outdoors is scheduled to start streaming on May 13 at 2pm and May 14 at 3pm.

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